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Exploring a new market can be very challenging

That's why Enescorp International offers the North America soft landing program - a comprehensive initiative crafted to assist Malaysian entrepreneurs in aligning their products with US standards, meeting consumer expectations, complying with regulatory requirements, and marketing their products and services to potential customers in North America.

We collaborate with local businesses, chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, and training institutions to deliver these services to Malaysian companies.

Enescorp International also provides logistic support, managing your shipment from Malaysia to buyers in the United States. We offer guidance on export documents and other requirements for exporting your products to the United States. 

We are based out of a warehouse located in Hillsborough Business Center, New Jersey. Apart from supplying our own brand products to wholesalers and retailers, we also offer them for sale online.


As an importer, we are well-versed with the challenges that come with running such a business. We have successfully navigated the highs and lows of managing a business in the United States. 


Now, we're passing on what we've learned to Malaysian entrepreneurs who want to explore the US market.

Market Immersion

We support Malaysian companies through export training, coaching, and consulting. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs identify the right target market segments and opportunities in the United States.
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Logistic Support

We manage shipping from Malaysia to buyers in the United States. We advise on export documents including Certificate of Origin, HS code, and other requirements.
Retail Readiness
We assist companies in refining and positioning their products for the retail market, ensuring that packaging labels, nutrition facts, and ingredients they use comply with local regulations.
 Fulfillment Services

We offer product storage and fulfillment at our warehouse in the Hillsborough Business Center, about one hour drive to New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Regulatory Compliance

We consult food manufacturers to ensure compliance with the  regulations, especially the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), including FSVP and FDA registration.
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Market Connections
We match entrepreneurs with potential buyers, consult them on developing online stores, and facilitate their participation in trade and consumer shows.

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