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Now is the time to explore the US market

Our Packages

designed to meet your needs and requirements

Market Immersion

Anyone interested in exploring the US market should start here. Attend the training, coaching, or consulting sessions. Learn as much as possible about the market before deciding if it is the right fit for you.

Market Starter

This package is designed for those interested in selling their products online to US consumers. Simply send your products to our warehouse, and we will handle the shipping to your customers when you receive orders.

Market Explorer

You don't have to be present in the US to market your products. We will handle the marketing for you. Our team will meet with potential buyers in the northeast, promote your products on B2B online marketplaces and trade shows -- increasing your visibility among a wide range of businesses.

Market Navigator

We will arrange your business matchings and facilitate your participation in trade shows. This gives you the chance to share your products with potential buyers directly. It's an opportunity to present and pitch your products face-to-face, allowing you to build relationships, gather valuable feedback, and negotiate deals on the spot.

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